Количка DL Hardcore Barrow TF Gear

Количка DL Hardcore Barrow TF Gear Сакове,класьори и други
Направено от: TF Gear
Код на продукт: TFG-QUICKBARROW
Наличност: В наличност
Цена: 308.00лв.

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Количка DL Hardcore Barrow

TF Gear

The ultimate fishing barrow!! Designed, used and abused and most importantly trusted by Dave Lane.

Providing unrivalled carrying capacity the Hardcore barrow will carry the heaviest burden with ease,

if you are the type of angler who fished long session and take a mountain of kit, then simply up and let the Hardcore barrow take the strain and effort from transporting your kit to the bankside.

Totally adjustable front and sides bars allow you to secure your tackle securely safe in the knowledge that no matter what you put on your barrow it will stay retained in place on the most difficult treks.

For those that travel fast and light, the Hardcore barrow is perfect, it folds up so compact it will fit into any car without having to remove the wheel, as all short session anglers will understand this saves so much time when you arrive at the lake,

with the Hardcore Barrow you are ready to fish immediately, no more wheel fittings, extra time spent angling!

  • So versatile – perfect for long stay and short session anglers alike
  • Massive carrying capacity
  • Fully adjustable – both front and side bars
  • Compact folding without having to remove wheel
  • Strong and durable – will last a lifetime
  • Lightweight so easy to manoeuvre
  • Ultimate traction tyre essential for difficult muddy banks

Base Length unextended = 80cm
Base length extended = 99cm
Width unextended = 70cm
Width extended = 97cm

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